Brian May Illness “Destroying My Energy and Will” 

Posted: 10:45 am Friday, October 28th, 2016

By laurak923

Brian May has revealed that he is fighting a persistent illness and it sounds serious.

One of the world’s greatest guitarists, founded Queen with Freddie Mercury in 1970. 69-year-old May has cancelled all shows through year’s end. He is also withdrawing from “media” – presumably social media, to focus on his health.

May was to have performed 11 candlelight concerts before Christmas with Kerry Ellis but  shared on his website:

“I’m gutted to have to pull out – I hate letting our loyal fans down. But the advice I have had is that I must take time off to heal, rather than go out on tour again and risk falling down on the job, which would be much worse.”

“I am am now at the point where I don’t feel confident to perform the scheduled shows to the standard we all expect. I got myself in a very depleted state and have taken the decision now to clear my diary of everything until the end of the year.

“I’m leaving today on a big steel bird to spend some time recharging in a safe place. Need to turn off the phones and media for a while.”

May thanked fans for their “lovely words and wishes” but said, “Apologies to everyone involved in the things I will miss…sometimes there is no choice.”

May had battled prostate cancer but revealed doctors gave him the all-clear in 2014.

This is such upsetting news. If prayers alone could heal him, he would no doubt be well today. Keep sending them his way…

In addition to being one of the greatest players to pick up a guitar, Brian May is also brilliant – boasting a PhD in astrophysicit He’s written at least one book on the subject.

He is also extremely vocal in the animal rights and protection arena.

And my favorite Brian May factoid…he and his dad made a homemade guitar out of their old fireplace that he still plays today. It’s called the Red Special.