See Robert Randoph Rock Hendrix, Doobies 

Posted: 2:02 pm Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

By hildiwmmo


Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Here’s a taste of what you’re in store for when you party with us a week from Saturday (February 18th) at the next 98.9 WMMO legendary, free downtown concert!

The City of Orlando’s Blues BQ will feature Texas Blues from the Fabulous Thunderbirds and, just announced, Robert Randolph will play, too – rockin’ the “Sacred Steel” – slide guitar like you’ve never seen/heard.

He’s got so much energy, he’s a blast to watch, as well as hear. And I’m guessing he’ll do at least one really cool classic cover. Here are a few he’s been known to do when playing live…

You don’t need a ticket, the gates open at 4pm, right in front of City Hall in downtown Orlando but Randolph is so much fun to watch, you may want to buy VIP ticket to get guaranteed seats right in front of the stage. There’s also plenty of room there to dance – which you will definitely want to do once he takes the stage.