GnR Gets Booed; Angus Young Joins 

Posted: 3:26 pm Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

By hildiwmmo



Photo by Marc Grimwade/WireImage

Guns N’ Roses played Melbourne, Australia last night and there was a terrible traffic jam before the show. Many are saying that’s why the band started late.

Sure, Axl has been known to start shows up to 3 hours late – but not on this reunion tour. He’s been quite angelic, actually.

Then, when the band was introduced, the announcer called out SYDNEY instead of Melbourne, where they were playing. The crowd began to boo, as you might imagine.

It happens! And again, not Axl’s fault. I just feel I should defend him since he’s been so well-behaved on this tour and turning in some of the greatest performances of his career.

Oh yeah, and Angus Young joined the band on a couple of songs, including “Whole Lotta Rosie” below…