Dog Lovers: Check out trailer for Abbie’s List: A Dogumentary 

Posted: 5:54 pm Monday, August 14th, 2017

By hildiwmmo

Mark and Abbie

You may remember my hilarious friend, Mark. He went by the name Just Plain Mark in those 90s radio days in Orlando. He played politically incorrect games on-the-air that were so funny, no one complained.

Well, he’s been writing for television and film in L.A. the last few years and just shared the trailer for HIS new film – the love story about the bond he shared with his beloved Whippet, Abbie.

As she came to the end of her life, he gave her one of those Bucket List last years. This movie is gorgeous to look at, first of all. It’s obviously touching but also funny and, for someone who has been blessed to have great bonds with dogs, filled with ideas of great adventures!

Thought I’d share an early/rough trailer with you. Enjoy!