WATCH: Rick Pulls Fan Onstage to Sing

WATCH: Rick Pulls Fan Onstage to Sing 

Posted: 2:57 pm Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

By hildiwmmo

One of Rick Springfield’s biggest fans had the thrill of a lifetime at Saturday’s night’s free, 98.9 WMMO Downtown Concert Series at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.

Every good Rick fan knows that during song 3 or 4, he plays “I Get Excited” and pulls a fan onstage to sing it with him.

Tonia K was ready.

Tonia Rick Sign

Tonia planted herself as close to the stage as she could, while holding a sing that read, “Rick…You + Me + IGE?” [For “I Get Excited”]

Rick gave the nod to the nearby security guard and Tonia was lifted onstage where Rick whispered, “You better know the words!” into her ear. Tonia responded with something to the effect of, “Duh!”

She then beamed from ear-to-ear with some pretty impressive moves. Even had the rock-star-back-bend goin’ on. Tonia said later it was one of the best nights of her life. Take a look for yourself…

WMMO has been presenting the free concerts for 27 years.