Meteor Shower Wednesday Night! 

Posted: 3:52 pm Monday, December 11th, 2017

By hildiwmmo

This is a good one – up to 120 shooting stars at its peak. The Geminids meteors last longer and are more vibrant than other showers throughout the year.

Meteor shower

And the best part about the annual Geminids meteor shower is that you can start watching for them as early as 9pm.

For best viewing, the darker the sky, the better.

Look to the northeast to find the Gemini constellation. If you locate the famously bright 3 stars of the hunter’s belt of Orion, you’re not too far from Gemini. It’s just up and to the right. You want to look slightly away from that area for the biggest odds of seeing full meteors, tails and all…

Learn more HERE, about how and when to watch…