Visit 1 of 7 Mom & Pop Record Shops Tomorrow on Record Store Day! 

Posted: 4:23 pm Friday, April 20th, 2018

By hildiwmmo

For a music-lover, there’s nothing that can replace a real, brick & mortar record store.

Rock and Roll Heaven

There are 8 in our area: 5 in Orlando, 2 in Deland and 1 in Sanford. (Store locations, links and hours listed below.)

You can spend hours in a record store, browsing the vinyl or the stacks of CDs, for treasures. And, perhaps the best part of the experience is the music that is played while you’re shopping. 9 times out 10, you’re gonna be turned onto something new by the staff members who are blasting music of every genre.

Sadly, so many people are buying music online that independent, brick & mortar, Mom ‘n Pop record shops are having a tough time keeping their doors open.

Enter: Independent Record Store Day!

It started 10 years ago and because of the great experiences music-lovers and musicians remember having in record stores over the years, the most popular bands and artists in the world support this musical holiday by offering up exclusive releases only available at independent, brick & mortar, record shops.

You need to get there early as these treasures will be snatched up quickly. But really, the day is more about enjoying the experience of a REAL record store.

GO! – and bring your kids with you. Find the albums, CDs and cassettes you forgot you loved in high school. Bargains await and you’ll be supporting your neighbors’ businesses.


Rock and Roll Heaven – 1814 N. Orange Avenue (Ivanhoe Village, downtown Orlando)      Opening early, at 9:30am Saturday

Retro Records – 59 N. Bumby Avenue (downtown Orlando)                                                        Opening early, at 9am Saturday

East West Music & More – 4895 S. Orange Avenue (Orlando)                                                      Opening at 10am Saturday

Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe – 703 N. Orange Avenue (downtown Orlando)                            Opening at 11am Saturday – will have a selection of rare records, rather than promotional stuff

Park Ave CDs – 2916 Corrine Dr, Orlando                                                                                         Opening early at 8am Saturday

Steve’s Downtown Music – 108 S. Woodland Blvd #A (downtown Deland)                               Opening early at 9am Saturday

Groovy Records – 212 N. Woodland Blvd (downtown Deland)                                                      Opening early at 9am Saturday

Maya Books and Music – 204 E. 1st St. (Sanford)                                                                            Opening at 10am Saturday