Guns N’ Roses Reissuing ‘Appetite for Destruction’

Guns N’ Roses Reissuing ‘Appetite for Destruction’ 

Posted: 8:49 am Friday, May 4th, 2018

By Denise Ryan

As we suspected, this is what those billboards and teasing website were for. “Appetite for Destruction” is getting the deluxe treatment for reissue.

And not just ‘deluxe’ treatment. Five options are coming on June 29th…. the basic one CD remaster, a 2-disc Deluxe Edition, a 2 LP 180-gram Audiophile Vinyl Edition, a Super Deluxe Edition that contains 73 tracks over 4 discs plus a lot of bonus material, and the mother of all reissue box sets… the Locked N’ Loaded Edition.

The Locked N’ Loaded edition has so many extras that it might actually have the kitchen sink in there too… maybe. 😉 Check out the unboxing video below to see it in all its glory.


See what I mean about all those extras?!

For the details on all the editions and to pre-order, check out their merch store HERE.