Guns N’ Roses Rules YouTube

Guns N’ Roses Rules YouTube 

Posted: 8:55 am Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

By Denise Ryan

The biggest musical act on YouTube for the ’80s and ’90s is Guns N’ Roses.

The music video for “November Rain” has now passed one billion views. That’s billion, with a B! That’s not too surprising I suppose, it is epic.

So how did it get that many views?? In 2017, the video averaged 560,000 views per day! Plus they’ve been on a massive world-wide tour the past few years so a lot of people have been checking out their videos again… or for the first time even.

“November Rain” is the first music video from the ’90s to hit that one billion views milestone and the first video created before YouTube to hit one billion views too.

Guns N’ Roses also has the biggest video from the ’80s for “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” coming in at 700,000 views.

Now you want to go watch them, don’t you? Yeah, me too. Let’s do that…

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