Aerosmith’s First Tour Van Has Been “Picked”!

Aerosmith’s First Tour Van Has Been “Picked”! 

Posted: 8:51 am Thursday, August 9th, 2018

By Denise Ryan

Aerosmith’s first tour van was found rusting in a wooded area near Chesterfield, Mass, and “picked” on a recent episode of American Pickers by Mike Wolfe And Frank Fritz.

Now before you say, but how do they really know that belonged to Aerosmith?? Well they had to verify, of course!

The pickers worked their way around through connections to Aerosmith co-founding guitarist Ray Tabano who lives nearby and came out to see it and verify that it was the “real deal.”

Wolfe and Fritz paid $25,000 for the van, not sure what will happen to it now.

This episode of American Pickers first aired on July 30th, but you can watch it on demand HERE. And you can read more about it HERE.