Ann & Nancy Wilson Meeting to Discuss Tour

Ann & Nancy Wilson Meeting to Discuss Tour 

Posted: 2:59 pm Thursday, September 13th, 2018

By hildiwmmo

It’s been about 2 years since sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart had a falling out. And it was bad.

They stopped talking completely and they’re still not sure if they can work past that event to regroup. But they’re going to talk about it and that’s exciting news for Heart fans.

It was during a tour in their hometown of Seattle in 2016 when Nancy’s teenage twin sons reported being struck by Ann’s husband, Dean Welter. The three were backstage while Ann & Nancy were performing onstage.

Charges were filed and Welter pled guilty to a lesser count to avoid jail time.

In a new interview with Jim Kerr, Ann said the two have to talk before they can decide whether or not Heart will tour again.

“I will never agree to going back out there in a mechanical, money-grab-type way; at this point in my life, I’m not gonna do that — I’m gonna make every minute count and make it real. So we’ll talk and we’ll figure out if we can figure out a fresh, new, cool way.”

Ann’s new album is a tribute to musicians recently departed. It’s called “Immortal” and features covers from Tom Petty, David Bowie and more. Win a copy here!