Submit Your Tom Petty Pics/Photos For New Video

Submit Your Tom Petty Pics/Photos For New Video 

Posted: 5:25 pm Friday, July 20th, 2018

By hildiwmmo

Tom Petty’s widow and daughter, Dana York and Adria Petty, have come up with a beautiful idea.

Even through tremendous grief, Dana and Adria seem to know exactly how much Tom means to all of us and how truly heartbroken we were after losing him so suddenly last year. Every Petty fan I’ve spoken to said the same thing, “It feels like I lost a friend.”

The two ladies have set up a site to collect photos and videos submitted by fans. They’ll select some to be used in a new video for Tom Petty: An American Treasure, the new, career-spanning box set.

Here’s the note that greets you when you visit the site to submit your momentos:

Dear Tom Petty Fans
We are making a very special music video in honor of
Tom Petty and his profound 40 year relationship with his
fans and we would love for you to help us.
We invite you to share your favorite moment with
Tom and the band.
A picture you took with Tom, a favorite video moment from a
show, or any expression of love for the band that you have
photographed and cherished.