A Feud or Not a Feud… That is the question.

A Feud or Not a Feud… That is the question. 

Posted: 9:01 am Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

By Denise Ryan

Here’s the quick backstory in case you forgot… Ann Wilson’s husband assaulted Nancy Wilson’s teenage sons backstage at a show in 2016. They managed to finish that tour but they avoided contact with each other as much as possible and used separate dressing rooms for the first time in their career. Needless to say, they did not part on very good terms.

Since that tour ended, Ann and Nancy have been doing separate solo projects… both out on tours and Ann working on a new solo album.

So with all that background info, things have not been looking good for Heart.

But Ann Wilson wants to set the record straight. She says, “there’s no feud between Nancy and I… We’re talking. We’re sisters, so everything’s good there. We just wanted to get out and stretch our wings, and we’re loving that. When the time is right, we’ll get back together and do something again.”

A few months back, Nancy also said they were talking some, that they have “done a little more communicating more recently” about family stuff. Nancy pointed out, though, that they need to “have the business conversation pretty soon” because “Heart has a nice offer to go on a tour next year, so [I’m] hoping [for that].”

Their statements don’t quite line up but here’s hoping they continue to mend those fences and we see Heart out on tour next year!