LISTEN: Just-released Tom Petty Song “Gainesville”

LISTEN: Just-released Tom Petty Song “Gainesville” 

Posted: 4:27 pm Thursday, September 20th, 2018

By hildiwmmo

Below, hear “Gainesville” – Tom Petty’s homage to the city two hours to our north, where he was born and raised,

It’s one of several previously unreleased tracks that will be included in the career-spanning box set, “Tom Petty: An American Treasure, out Friday, September 28.

It’s not yet been a year since our beloved rocker’s passing and his grieving family is already talking about two more releases in the coming months. One, a live set and the other, a package of re-mixed tunes from the Wildflowers sessions that Tom spoke so much about releasing, just prior to his death.

The forthcoming “American Treasure” set was put together by Dana, Tom’s daughter, Adria, Tom’s Heartbreaker bandmates, Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell and producer Ryan Ulyate.

Dana told Billboard, “It was not an easy process for any of us. It was very emotional, and, especially at first, hearing the songs was brutal. But music is healing. It got easier. It felt like Tommy would be so proud of this.”